Flickr Upgrades Free Accounts to One Terabyte

Yahoo under the leadership of new CEO, Marissa Mayer are making more dramatic moves in cyberspace than a spinning Tardis. With the expectation that they will soon acquire Tumblr for $1Billion, a long waited for upgrade to Flickr was announced today. For the many free and new users this Flickr upgrade means one FREE TERABYTE of online photo storage. In Flickr’s own blog they put a terabyte in perspective with this statement;  “Well, you could take a photo every hour for forty years without filling one.”

Many businesses keep photos of their products, staff and events online as part of their promotional resources. Like the video scenario where we would encourage a business to be on YouTube for audience or Vimeo for quality there is the same option in the photo realm. You can have your photos on Facebook for audience but for a professional storage and presentation arena Flickr still holds its own so this is good news for storing your business photos. Now with Flickr’s aethetic upgrade the experience gains in the presentation stakes.

Flickr Upgrade

For those who have been paying the Pro account at USD$24.95 a year, there will be little celebration apart from a tidy up. However for the masses the Flickr upgrade shows Flickr is fighting back in the photo storage space by offering 1 Terabyte of free but ad supported storage for the family album.  There will be two paid options available as part of the path forward. For $49.99 a year your Terabyte of pics can be viewed ad-free. However as a pro photographer you may also be looking for extra space. This is where you can buy an extra terabyte of ad-free space for $499 a year.

Flickr Upgrade

If you don’t have a Flickr account, now is the time to get hold of one. Getting the right user name protects your brand and allows you to label your links with your brand as part of the digital breadcrumbs. Below we give you some tips on how to get the most out of your Flickr experience.

Flickr Upgrade

I have always been a fan of using Picasa for PC based photo editing and management. Many new digital cameras come with their brands own software but to be frank they often suck in comparison to Picasa. Not only that, but as we can have a propensity to change hardware your move to a new camera can mean a change of software. Remain agnostic and download Picasa from this link. The next move is to add a Flickr button to Picasa to make the connection to your Flickr account seamless. This little add-on makes the job simple. Picasa2Flickr

Flickr Upgrade

If you have a Flickr Pro account, how do you feel about the changes. If you take the advice of this blog and sign up for your free Terabyte then drop back and leave a comment on what you think of this new offering from the Yahoo family. One thing you will note in the promotions is the dropping of the ‘e’ vowel from the verbage. While Flickr had led the way, we can’t help feel it has a small connect with the upcoming purchase of Tumblr.

Business Baby Steps


Starting a new business can involve having a child like look at the world and wobbling along for the first few steps. Awe and wonder are beautiful attributes that may have got lost in your previous roles. As you step out into a new venture be sensitive to enjoy the freshness of what you’re experiencing.

One of the strengths you bring to a new business is your vision. As you acknowledge the ideals, concepts and dreams that brought you to the point of pushing the ‘launch’ button, these are the rocket boosters that can send you into the stratosphere. Embrace the nerves and let them fuel your dreams.

For a child everything seems big! As we’ve all learned through growing and learning, time will bring things into perspective. Don’t be afraid of the size of your task. Take the ‘elephant’ approach to every project and take one bite at a time.

As I start to develop the ANDRYL business I make a point of doing two things to help mark a milestone or a celebration. Idea number one is to tell someone what you’ve just done. It might be a family member, friend or business advisor. That momentary announcement helps you move forward through celebration. My second approach is to remind myself by putting up notices of things that are ’done’. There’s no doubt you will have lists of things ‘to-do’ but to balance the ledger of your mind make sure you put up announcements that tell you the things that have been ticked off. Print outs, post-it notes or whiteboard headlines are all great ideas for keeping positive milestones front of mind.

Enjoy your baby steps and don’t worry the training wheels.