First World Wisdom: Don’t bite the Hand

First World Wisdom: Don’t bite the hand that provides feeds for you

Nurturing relationships for long term benefits is great advice. First World Wisdom warns us not to bite the sources that provide us with content. Like the horse that should take care not to bite the hand that feeds it for fear of losing out on  tomorrow’s lunch we should protect our content relationships.

First World Wisdom: Bite Feeds

First World Wisdom: Road to Monetization

First World Wisdom: The road to monetization is paved with good intentions

Like the road to hell, running out of funds is just as treacherous to the business. First World Wisdom warns us we can have great intentions for our content but we need to put in the hard work to make sure our income model is right as well.

First World Wisdom: Road Monetization

First World Wisdom: Seeing on Facebook is Believing

First World Wisdom: Seeing on Facebook is Believing

Old school wisdom would say that like doubting Thomas I need to see and touch to believe. Then we used to say if its in the newspaper it must be true. First World Wisdom is warning us we now have a new level of gullibility where if its on Facebook it must be true. Take a step back, deep breaths, blink and check! Sites like very quickly cut through the urban myth.

First World Wisdom: Facebook Believing

First World Wisdom: Give Source Links

First World Wisdom: Give source links where source links are due

Giving credit where credit is due is old school and appropriate for First World Wisdom. Online, if you know where a source came from its great to add a tagline or website link to the source of the inspiration. Sometimes doing a quick Google search will make it clear and other times its simply a void. When publishing put a tag back to yourself as a source.

First World Wisdom: Source Links

First World Wisdom: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Troll

First World Wisdom: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Troll

First World Wisdom warns us that the troll is the hidden espionage expert online. Knowing how to create mayhem, they stir comments forums and social networks to add adversity and diversity. Some do it simply for the maniacal fun while others are trying to make a philosophical point without the social grace or intelligence to engage on a human level. Watch out for the trolls beneath your virtual bridge.

First World Wisdom: Hell Troll

First World Wisdom: Is You Can’t Beat ‘Em

First World Wisdom: If you can’t beat them, get acquired by them

Some of the most amazing technology stories are being told by people who recognised they built the best cog in the world. First World Wisdom shows that if you see you have the best darn cog then sell it to the best clock maker. Waze and Instagram walked away with $1 Billion each for their high quality solutions that tempted Google and Facebook.

First World Wisdom: Beat Acquired

First World Wisdom: Denial Attacks

First World Wisdom: The request that caused the denial of service attack.

For some its the match that started the bush fire or the face that launched a thousand ships. Even in First World Wisdom we recognise that the good and the bad can happen from one little request sent in error. Lets add ‘think before you leap’ in there for good measure.

First World Wisdom: Denial of Service

First World Wisdom: People in Small Apartments

First World Wisdom: People in small apartments shouldn’t throw parties

This is a deep saying for our First World Wisdom aficionados. Are we saying that owners of small apartments shouldn’t try to be bigger than they are, or should we be simply issuing a Workplace Health and Safety warning. It takes me back to Billy Joel’s Glasshouses album, but that’s another story.

First World Wisdom: Small Apartments

First World Wisdom: Tweets and Swords

First World Wisdom: The Tweet is mightier than the Sword

The power of the pen is respected from eons of writings that have declared the “pen is mightier than the sword”. The First World Wisdom has jumped in to add to the change in technology and showed it was never the pen but the ideas that flowed from it. Now our tweets are overturning governments!

First World Wisdom: Tweet Sword

First World Wisdom: Like My Page

First World Wisdom: Like my page and I’ll like yours

Has our world become so shallow that “one good turn deserves another” has changed into “like my page and I’ll like yours”? First World Wisdom still says we should watch out for each other. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Now that’s Facebook ‘old school’!

First World Wisdom: Like my page