Simple Menus

Anyone who has watched Chef Gordon Ramsey walk into a struggling restaurant will see that one of his standard ‘tricks of trade’ is to simplify the menu. He outlines the reasons very quickly. The customer doesn’t want to know how many things you can cook they want to know what is your recommendation today.

The problem with a confusing menu is that it is more about our head rather than than the consumers. We have a hundred ideas for our business but the customer is trying to decide between three options. Lets help keep the customer’s job easy so that can buy quickly. They have a need and anything we put in the way is a barrier to their satisfaction.

The menu system of any website is pivotal to its success. Often we throw more thinking at colours and graphics which may seem right to the heart but often it stuffs up the head. Visit any website for the first time and you will be asking yourself a number of questions in the first 300 micro-seconds after arrival.

  • What is this website for?
  • What can I do here?
  • How do I find what I want?
This is where two uncreative words come in to play. As part of the web strategy process we want to build in logic and consistency. We build this method around your business or organisations services and take the time to consolidate the options down to the lowest number. The consumer is often in a hurry to get where they are going so the intention of a good menu system to to remove traffic lights and intersections. This means more highways and less roundabouts on the way to the ‘shop’.

Seth Godin Explains Tribes

In a recent presentation I did on social networking I referenced author and marketing guru Seth Godin. In this video from Loic Le Meur, Seth Godin explains why you need a tribe and why he is not on twitter.

Seth’s latest book “Tribes” helps us define the need for leaders to come forward because there are communities that need someone to provide direction.

In the area I was working at the time of Christian media, we have a message but are we willing to step to the front of a community and share our direction by saying “walk this way”.

Have a listen to Loic as he presses all the right buttons to get to the heart of the matter with Seth.

Updated: 18 Jan 2018

CRASH – What a tangled web we weave!

I sat up and watched this movie on Sunday night expecting to see an eclectic mish-mash of stories contrived into a ‘film’ designed to profile ‘A’ list wannabe actors and former ‘A’ list try-to-be actors.

Boy, was I in for a surprise, no wonder this dark horse scooped the pool. Despite the racist cynicism and a high degree of bad language, this movie impacts you in so many ways. The characters show how anyone on a bad day can make those eternal choices we all regret.

Looking through the eyes of broken people we see how co-dependency doesn’t come only in the walls of that place we call home. The real challenge with Crash is to see life through someone else’s eyes. I’ll come back to this one, but I have to say the reason for seeing crash is to find out how we all need a ‘cloak of invincibility’.