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April 24, 2012 0 min to read

WordPress ‘Invalid Response Document’ error

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Problem: Just had a problem with using Windows Live Writer after the software updated. I went to post a blog to my self-hosted WordPress install and got the error below; Invalid response document returned from XmlRpc server I couldn’t work out what it was but found a closed topic on that talks about php filenames...

October 20, 2011 1 min to read

Back to an Apple Future

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I was recently sent a link to Kim Komando’s  TVKim that showed a YouTube of the ‘imagineering’ going on at Apple back in the late 80s and early 90s. While the video below is made up of material from around 1987 and 1992 it still makes a powerful statement on what can be achieved when we have a vision for the fu...

September 20, 2010 3 min to read

Saga of a Camcorder Buyer

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20th September 2010 Dear CEO, Saga of a Camcorder Buyer Looker I am writing this open letter to all of the manufacturers involved in my shopping expedition over the weekend. After two weeks of internet research and reading reviews I ventured out this Sunday at 10am to buy a mid-range HD camcorder. On the 7th of October my wife an...

November 5, 2009 0 min to read

Should you get the new???

Category : Observations, Tech

It is a constant frustration. The advertising says my gadget is last years colour. They change the specification so I’m short a decimal point in my ‘calibre’ of mega-sumthin’. How do you evaluate the next upgrade in Gadget City? This image came from an article at Gizmodo and gives a great synopsis for those battling with upgr...

Gadget Betrayal – The Affair

June 12, 2009 1 min to read

Gadget Betrayal – The Affair

Category : Media, Observations, Tech

Julian Smith’s latest video tribute to iPhone 3GS on YouTube (see below) is a sad romantic interlude that shows our lack of commitment in this consumeristic society. The truth of our betrayal becomes ever so clear where we walk out on our loved gadgets too easily. We seem to always want to trade up to the newest younger model w...