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Try as you may you can\’t find a country as fresh, vibrant and enticing as New Zealand.

I know its hard to put it into words.

How do you explain "God\’s Own"?

Take a country where you can drive
from the surf and sand of the coast
to the ski fields of a volcano.
Dip in cool refreshing pools or
peer into the depths of the trout-lands.
Drive across the undulating pastures
of emerald green dairy country
to a bush sanctuary where walking paths
meander towards heaven and
while hunters crouch far from the trail.

Be at peace, you have found a home
where your clouds drift by,
rain falls gently and sun glistens on
the fern and web of forest homes.
This is a place where healing begins,
dreams are born and the life of the
wanderer is at peace with the settler.
Aotearoa is my land of the long white cloud,
a haven of contemplation enveloped
in the mist of a Genesis creation.

– Andrew Pitchford