Reminders of You

Back in 1983-1987 I was profoundly blessed to be in a youth group run by Gavin and Liz Hockly. It was through this Te Awamutu Bible Chapel youth group called “Word of Life” that I learned lots, was challenged to ‘grow-up’ and also had the blessing of being able to try the gifts God has […]

The Box – Hand written memories!

Ever lost something so special but couldn’t even remember how it went missing. What if it contained your memories? What would you pay to get your hands on the memories of the past. My memory is a specialised filing system, and so is my wife’s. For me, numbers, websites, passwords, and things of this nature […]

Wedding Vows Forever

It’s often overlooked but Marriage isn’t a contract, its a covenant. If you are considering “tying the knot” with the ‘hunk’ or the ‘babe’ then take a moment to ask yourself is this for ‘convenience’ or ‘covenant’? Many enter into marriage particularly based on ‘young love’ for ‘the benefits’. The longer I’m married I realise […]

Succeeding through Self-Discipline

I would have to admit that the biggest battle of my life is with my ‘self’. I’m constantly having to pull my ‘self’ into line, give my ‘self’ a good talking to and keep an eye on my ‘self’. Sound familiar? Its very much the battle Paul talked about in Romans 7. Try reading from […]

The Power of Encouragement

Recently a friend told me how he had been having a bad ‘day’. Someone who knew he was battling sent him an SMS that simply said “Have a great day”. There was nothing profound in the words, there was no wisdom to write in stone, it was simply the words of a friend saying “I’m […]

Reminders on Calling

Back when I first started working with United Christian Broadcasters in Australia around 1999 I faced a hard patch which tested me in terms of my calling and resolve. As much as I had youthful passion I recognised I didn’t have much ‘sticking power’. One time when praying the Lord gave me this encouragement which […]

Beating burnout

Back on 10th November 2004 I saw this devotional on I printed it out and tucked it away. I saw the printout recently and with the launch of the new website for word4U2day I thought it was a good reminder for us all. If you haven’t registered yet then visit the new website and […]

Accountability, the Heart Check-up

I recently came across a piece of paper from a friend in Hamilton, New Zealand. When I first got involved with Radio Rhema he challenged me to meet with him and walk through these questions. I believe they are a variant of seven questions Chuck Colson went through with his team when he formed Prison […]