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Jesus Wants the Rose

Thanks to Adrian Warnock for posting this today. There is something about Matt Chandler and the way that with his preaching he walks through his heart and mind connection with the gospel. Love it – take a moment to hear God’s heart for you.

Fall in love with God’s creation

I saw this video today of what happens when a drop of water is dropped into a pool of water. It is beautiful, astonishing and gives me a new sense of awe of the beauty instilled in the details of God’s creation. Check out this video filmed at 2000fps.

Should you get the new???

It is a constant frustration. The advertising says my gadget is last years colour. They change the specification so I’m short a decimal point in my ‘calibre’ of mega-sumthin’. How do you evaluate the next upgrade in Gadget City? This image came from an article at...