Poem: God’s Own Country

Give me, give me God’s own country! there to live and there to die, God’s own country! fairest region resting ‘neath the southern sky, God’s own country! framed by Nature in her grandest, noblest mould; Land of peace and land of plenty, land of wool and corn and gold!

My Quest

Have you looked into the mirror recently and asked yourself “Who am I?” and “What am I here for?” Come on, you have to admit its a change from checking out the love handles and those buns of steel and wondering if you should detour your life to the gym.

God’s Own Country – 100% New Zealand

New Zealand has always been God’s Own Country and its a title many would fear to compete for. While Aussie has a reef and the Yanks some hole in the ground they call a canyon, the Poms may have a Lake District and the Europeans rave about their mountains.