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Day 2 in Singapore has been a relaxing look at the city. A walk around the marina was a twilight highlight. This panorama below shows everything from the Merlion, Singapore\’s part lion part fish icon through to the new \’Eye\’ ferris-wheel currently being built (a third from the left). The \’Eye\’ will be bigger than the UK one based on the banks of the River Thames but smaller than the new "Mother of all Ferris-Wheels" in Kuala Lumpur. Currently the Singapore structure is waiting on the delivery of the bullet shaped cabins to arrive from Japan with completion expected as early as November 2007 but with a definite goal of finishing by January 2008. \"pano\" This day involved a lot of walking but a great deal of fun particularly looking at Bugis Markets. This is a great night time experience but just as crowded and intense during the day. Take care as there are many nooks and cranny\’s so it would be easy for children to get lost and overwhelmed. However, a great deal of variety and bargains are to be had at Bugis\’ Junction markets. \"100_1623\"The sad aspect I found here was the high degree of sales for religious paraphernalia on a grand scale. This was particularly true of Buddhist material. A look at my Picasa web album will show some of the temple worship that happens in many locations around Singapore. A nice aside was seeing the ice-cream vendors giving you an option of having your slice of ice-cream in a biscuit (wafer), cup or slice of bread. This could bring a whole new meaning to the proverbial \’buttie\’. Can you imagine kiwi and aussie kids asking their Mum for an "ice-cream buttie" – what a mess! I would have been daring to\"100_1643\" try the sweet-corn flavoured or tea flavoured varieties but instead chickened out for a nice slice of blueberry in a cup. Delicious! Well tomorrow Ian and Mandy Worby (UCB Australia) and Ian and Niki Mackie (UCB Europe) arrive on early flights into Singapore so we will catch up with them I am sure. Check out my growing Singapore Picasa album. The links are in the menu on the right hand side.