A Father’s Lie

A Father’s Lie

This has been my yearly lie to my family.

Thought I might get ahead of the game this Father’s Day. With a wonderful family, it’s not unusual a week out from Father’s Day to hear the words, “What do you want for Father’s Day”. Pretty much every year I say something like ‘nothing’, and all these years I’ve been lying through my teeth.


A Father’s Lie

I’m going to tell you “Nothing”
Because its what I think
You want to hear
That your Dad and Husband
Isn’t the shallow or greedy one

You see its seven days till D-Day
The father’s, Dad’s day dawn
And I know you’re running late
On any form of pressie bought

But I’ve been lying each Father’s Day
I do want something from you
It’s expensive and it’s scarce
So how can I expect it
When I sense I don’t deserve it

You’re probably sitting there
wondering about my expensive taste
Is it the gadget or the sports equipment
The brand name clothes or latest widget

No, nothing like these trinkets
Although I’m tempted by them
They’ll never satisfy like this
They’re out of date next season
Or the launch date that I missed

What I’m looking for is out there
And I’ve seen it in your life
So, Please Sir, I’d like some more, please
And just a tiny touch will do

When I see your smile, I know
Its very close to coming true
This life has some purpose
To will and to carry
And may it be upwards too

You may think I want your love,
Your adoration and your praise
That saying “You’re amazing”
Will fire my belly and
Fuel my days

But no, you may have missed it
When I cry and pray for you
I want peace and happiness
In all the avenues of your life
And I know a ‘touch’ will do

Because I’ll tell you a secret, not a lie
I’ve experienced the power
Of a God fueled life and space
Where my sense, my drive, my purpose
Comes from knowing I am loved with grace

So, what do I want from you
This Father’s Day
It’s ‘nothing’ physical, that is true
But as my son, my daughter
Let me give this wish to you.

May you be blessed
With never-ending hope and purpose
May you always see a crack of hope
See past my broken visage to
A heart beating deep for you

You are, and always will be loved by me
Because ‘mine’, isn’t possessive, its a joyous pride
A face of tears at every photo
In the journey of my mind
My love invested, now reaps gladness

And now if one day you’re still wondering
What does Dad want for Father’s Day
Just be still and remember cuddles
Think of the times I said, “Love You!”

And I’ll know, oh so deeply
I’ll feel it, and so will you
That you’ve given me everything
I could ever want from you.

Lotsalov Dad


Andrew Pitchford
Father’s Day 2020

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