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\"AGMFNow, you\’ve probably worked out I meant to say "in our Midst", but hey it wouldn\’t have been as good a headline. My 12 year old son Corey has been teaching himself around the code of a game called MUGEN. It is an abandoned game package that seems to have been taken over by a community of fans who have developed their own character and environment sets. What is fantastic is that Corey is finding his way around the definition files and config files to bring his own level of personalisation to the game he loves. I just loaded up TextEdit www.textedit.org so that he would have a text editor with some great tools and features that any good developer should have at their digits. Corey even quotes a friend of mine (Ronald Bradford) today when he said \’a mouse is a waste of a perfectly good hand\’. Brings me back to the days that my friends at schooll in the early 80s would go and buy English Computer Magazines like \’Computer Video Games\’ (awesomely creative name) then run home and type the games into our ZX81, Commodore 16 or 64 or on the school\’s Radio Shack TRS-80. Sure it was Basic, but a little machine code for the \’legends\’ pushed our tape storage boundaries and gave us some challenge. Now we\’ll see whether Corey reaches out to a another step and challenge – the programming horizon is bright.