Embrace the Reset: A Podcast worth sharing

Reset 42 is a podcast aimed at ‘everyone’ which is a terrible marketing strategy but a reality that at some point everyone on life’s journey needs to ‘reset’. For reasons that range from health to business, from business relationships to lost dreams, personal to a wider family, we all have reasons to ‘reset’.

I’m in the process of setting up a series of podcast interviews to teach, inspire and more importantly prepare us for when we need to reset. Maybe you have a story I should know about that will resonate with listeners and this topic.

Sometimes life’s path or dreams falter. Something precious is Stolen, an idea is Shelved, tiredness and lack of energy has Stalled our journey, our priorities have Shifted or we are simply Stumped. We might even talk about what happens when we’re Stupid! Or as Forrest Gump’s mother said “stupid is as stupid does”.

One of the beauties of this word is that reset doesn’t mean you lose all that you are, all that you have learned or all that you could be. Instead, it is a word that allows you to clear the clag of memories or ideas that are stopping you from moving forward or upwards. A reset life brings freedom, perspective and a door of opportunity. 

I would like to tell your story so that someone just like you, maybe many people just like you, will be empowered, refreshed and inspired.