Accountability, the Heart Check-up

Accountability, the Heart Check-up

I recently came across a piece of paper from a friend in Hamilton, New Zealand. When I first got involved with Radio Rhema he challenged me to meet with him and walk through these questions. I believe they are a variant of seven questions Chuck Colson went through with his team when he formed Prison Fellowship.

Its fair to say I haven’t been using these questions for over ten years and yet when I look at them they are questions I ask myself on a regular basis. I feel they are healthy spiritual check-up. Zig ZIglar would say we need a check-up from the neck-up… ie. get your head straight. These questions deal more with the ‘heart’ of the matter.

  1. Have you been with a person of the opposite sex this month in an inappropriate way?
  2. Have you been completely above reproach in all your financial dealings this month?
  3. Have you exposed yourself to any sexually explicit material this month?
  4. Have you spent time daily in prayer and in the Scriptures this month?
  5. Have you wasted large amounts of time frivolously this month?
  6. Have you fulfilled the mandate of your call this month?
  7. Have you taken time off to be with your family this month?
  8. Have you been ashamed of the Lord this month?
  9. Have you done anything this month that you would regret if the Lord returned today?
  10. Have you just lied to me?

You can change the frequency from monthly to weekly if this is how often you meet. As these questions become part of your own ‘check-list’ I find they are also a great hedge built around your heart protecting you from making those wrong decisions.

For more wisdom on accountability and leadership, read this excellent article by Kenneth Boa.


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