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So you’re website is working just fine. Right!? Many business’s treat the creation of a website as something that needs to be ticked off like a box on the weekly grocery list. The only problem with that comparison is you quickly run out of bread, milk and toilet rolls and so you replenish the pantry every week. So when you create a website, don’t develop it like an ad you put in the local newsletter and then not maintain it. Quickly your website will end up like the newspaper, wrapping fish’n’chips instead of being useful to your brand. A better analogy for your business, is to think of your website as your virtual shop window. Can you imagine running a toy, dress or sweet shop and keeping the front window looking the same for the next two years?


With the web we have another consideration. People find you through search services like Google. As Google changes its search algorithms your site needs to keep in step so that it is found in the right place at the right time. As Google now analyses more than just content keywords its important your have a partnership with a digital marketing agency that will review not only content and website code, but also check your navigation, load times and most of all relevancy. This will help ensure your stale site can be given a fresh breath of content to make Google believe you have something new to say relevant to their customer base.


As the good guys do then changes so the bad guys are also finding new ways to hack sites and add malware into your code. Keeping your site and plugins secure should be a constant monitoring service. If you work with a developer that creates there own solutions you may find you’re out of sight out of mind but you could also find you are hacked and waiting for new code to be written to solve a site crash.


Mobile is now an imperative. If your website hasn’t been updated in the last twelve months its unlikely to work on the mobile screens released by Apple, Samsung and Nokia. New 4″ and 5″ screens are changing the way people browse the web. Shoppers review products in the store and a recent survey said 25 of smartphone users only use the phone for internet not voice calls. Many websites are finding their websites have 25-35% of their traffic comes from mobile phone users. Have you tried looking at your site through your smartphone? What was the experience like? Did you find the key information like location, phone number, hours of business without having to pinch and zoom then scroll and scroll?

Andryl can do a full website audit for you. By doing a thorough content and system review of your website we can quickly give you the step by step advice that can rejuvenate your online image and make sure your website is providing your customers the access to your business that you need. At the end of the review we will provide you with a written report that has a practical use.

How many customers came to your website and then moved on? The loss of unknown customers can and should be reviewed through your website analytics. Are your customers like the person who pressed their nose up against the shop window, decided the shop was closed or not suitable and kept walking? Lets get them in the door.

Let’s talk about getting your brand and website back in the game. Call 0800 ANDRYL [263795] or use our contact form.