Reset42 Podcast Goes Live

Imagine having a dream for more than ten years and wondering what it might look like when its finally birthed. That give you a taste for the journey I have been on as I took late-night notes, scribbled ideas and recorded the occasional brain spasms of driving or showering thoughts. For a long time, a […]

Granddad’s Poem

My Granddads Poem For Abbey’s boys Jamie and Milli Hey you two, slow down Your Granddad can’t keep up You’ve been quick out of the gateFaster than lightening, I looked up and you were gone Why’s that? I was looking forward to playing with you From blowing raspberries on your bellyTo soccer tricks in the […]

Tolkien Movie: Life is brutal, love seems futile, yet Fellowship abounds

You don’t need to see Tolkien to know that life is a battlefield. But to experience life through J. R. R. Tolkien’s eyes, is to understand the quest, the journey and the ascent. If your day starts by shaking the hands of dragons when you would prefer to dance with damsels; if your life lacks […]

What becomes of a Reset Life?

This is the question I am on a journey to answer. As I have mentioned to many friends and family, I have become convinced that we aren’t prepared for “the wall”. We are brought up from birth to crawl, walk and run without a sense of how to deal with life’s full stops. Even in […]

The Discipline of Intentionality

Days like today are far from the business decisions of Monday morning. It’s a sunny Sunday morning and my role for the day, being chauffeur to my son and his girlfriend on their one year anniversary. Like all decisions of life, how we approach our day comes down to attitude, to our intentions. I am discovering how powerful the discipline of intentionality can be.

I Listen for the Sound

Not the sound of a cock crowingI listen for the soundNot the sound of Pilate washing his handsI listen for the soundNot the sound of a whip lashing an innocent backI listen for the soundNot the sound of thuds as a soldiers fist smashes cheek and boneI listen for the soundNot the sound of a […]

What do you want to see in your selfie?

Do you enjoy having your photo taken? How often are you placed in that awkward situation where someone utters the word that sends shivers through your cute little dimples? “SMILE”! I know that I’ve found the solution. Run to the other side of the camera and become the shutterbug. It takes away the angst and […]

7 Secrets my clients learned last year

As Director of Engagement at Excite Media I have one of the best roles in the world. Every week I have the privilege to sit down with hard working business owners, managers and entrepreneurs. Some have created their empire, others have bought into a great idea and the there are those brave souls who have […]

Get an ‘A’ on your Business Report

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. So any wisdom on the side of sanity means that when you venture into a new marketing strategy you want it to show up on your Business Report. Striding into the arena of social media should also generate a […]

Who’s Your Dragon?

Every great story starts with the Damsel in distress because of a Dragon on the loose. Your brand also has a story that is unique and we want to help you tell it. The first part of creating a marketing strategy that includes a brand story is deciding who are your customers. Defining your customer […]