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I was recently sent a link to Kim Komando’s  TVKim that showed a YouTube of the ‘imagineering’ going on at Apple back in the late 80s and early 90s. While the video below is made up of material from around 1987 and 1992 it still makes a powerful statement on what can be achieved when we have a vision for the future. Enjoy this little technological prophetic ride.

More videos from Apple’s past promotions can be found here. Click Here

Its interesting that when you read the comments under the video in YouTube you find statements like this.

No they got it a MONTH out. A few weeks to be precise.
The video asks for a file 5 years back on deforestation, and the article was in 2006. 2006 + 5 = 2011. On the Knowledge Navigator calendar, the month happens to be September. This video was based in September 2011. It? was made in 1987. Siri was released October 2011. AMAZING. AMAZZZIIINNNGGGG.
Apple were a few weeks off, and they also knew deforestation was going to be an issue today. Apple is from the future?

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