Be Determined to Surprise

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Nicholas Selby should have a part in the remake of “Revenge of the Nerds” the Georgia Tech – Freshman Convocation to excellence in engineering was an epic welcome speech. The viral video of the young man giving the welcome speech to future engineers at Georgia Tech is creating a storm. From those who wonder if this is an excerpt from a Harry Potter movie to those inspired to renew their education based on the impact of his speech to follow a ‘higher purpose’. For many of the audience, the prestige of the college they had walked into and the culture represented by the faculty in their academic robes was probably a little bit overwhelming.

In walks Nicholas Selby to break the expectation only to replace it with a higher calling in the same vision. As CNN reported; “The sophomore is a Mechanical Engineering major, co-leads Team Solar Jackets — Georgia Tech’s team that built and raced a solar-powered car in the Formula Sun Grand Prix — and is a president’s scholar, representing the top 2% of enrolled students at the university.”

Sometimes we have to be determined to break the monotony, to push aside the expectation of the environment to deliver something unexpected. It might be higher, faster or of a more beauty and quality than what would have been acceptable.

Only then will it be memorable!


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