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This is the ad that the family were involved in with filming on the Gold Coast. The setting was created to look like a European beach scene. We were down on the sands at 6am and beautifully looked after by the crew from Exit Films. Director Garth Davis was brilliant working with the kids. See some of his work at Exit\’s site. His Xbox 3min Cops and Robbers ad ran in cinemas around the world.




Sadly the final cut didn\’t include Cheryl and Corey as they used a close-up shot that features Abbey, myself and Ethan. If you look carefully and freeze the shot 9.2 seconds into the ad you can see Faith\’s green bikini top left.

As the ad was made for Boots in the UK, it will probably not be seen in Australia or New Zealand. BTW – some people say you should look to build up a six pack. For me it was more like a slab. Those that know will know  😉