Preparing the way for “But Dad!”

I’m a Dad, there I said it. I don’t know how it happened but since 1992 I’ve had this ‘condition’ and it has taken over nearly every area of my life. Currently I’m in my 29th year of “Dad Therapy”. Along the journey I’ve had good times and bad times. There are moments when I was a finalist for “Dad of the Year” and many times I got the wooden spoon for poor performance and needed to come clean on my brokenness in the role of Father, Husband, and a word I love to hear, “Dad”. Join me on my journey of being a Dad.

Today was the first interview in the journey to create content for Dads. This new project is aimed at developing connection points between all the people that contribute to or receive from a Dad. It’s not all about the person themselves, although we will be exploring the massive variety of people who are in the role of a Dad. I also want to talk with a range of people who have had good Dads and bad Dads, the those who have desired a Dad or to be the Dad. Its quite a dream to understand ‘Dadhood’ but together lets learn.

Podcast Guest Applications: APPLY ONLINE

Photo Credit: Our family 2014 – Myself and Cheryl, Corey, our son-in-law David with Abbey, Ethan, and Faith.

But Dad! is a podcast connecting Dads and families to what ‘Dadhood’ is all about. There is so much diversity in the types of Dads and the experiences we have had as fathers and with our own Fathers. Sometimes it’s good, but not always. Underneath the skin of many men, both young and old is a desire to be a “Good Dad”. Let’s talk about what that means.

I’m in the process of setting up a new series of podcast interviews and would love to tell your story as I know ‘your story’ will be powerful and connect with someone who needs either the direction, encouragement, or raw help that you can give.

“But Dad!” isn’t a rosy story about perfect Dads. Let’s talk about how you deal with the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve had times I’ve failed and I’m sure others have to. Let’s help each other through. And also, there are people who want to be a Dad who hasn’t been able to. How does that work? There are people who have lost a Dad. How do you move through this? And what about those that have experienced the terminal bad father who had the title in name but not in love, care or action.

I would like to hear your story to see if it will be a great contribution to the But Dad! episodes so that someone just like you, maybe many people just like you, will be empowered, refreshed, and inspired. Once I have your application I will consider how your story fits our podcast programming, where your story connects with our other stories and episodes we have under consideration.

I look forward to hearing about your unique Dadhood story. It doesn’t have to be an “action movie” dramatic, but it should be real, raw and relevant.

[Note: Most of our interviews are done remotely where you will need a quiet space, webcam, microphone, and reasonably speedy internet connection. If we haven’t discussed this already, I will be in touch to talk about whether it is convenient for us to record together or to do an online interview for the podcast.]

Podcast Guest Applications: APPLY ONLINE