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Let\’s start by saying I don\’t know why today was different. I\’ve been pulled out and bag checked numerous times in different countries and while an inconvenience, you put up with it. After all the system is there to protect you from the terrorist who doesn\’t know about these checks. Reassuring. However today I felt targetted, abused and violated. Strong words? Yes! But when you are taken aside to a covered area by two people, one to chemical test your bag and clothes for explosive chemical residue and the other to do a front and back pat down, it can be intimidating. I guess in someways you may have even been able to compensate in the mind if you were on foreign soil but this was home. Home! To some extent the \’innocent until proven guilty\’ is problematic when dealing with terrorism. It is sadly acknowleged that this new era of security brings with it a sense of mistrust which is then carried by travellers who for the most part are paying to leave reality for the distraction of a beach, a mountain or theme park. Isn\’t it ironic that the system designed to launch them into the bliss of holiday relaxation is the same system that kicks them up the backside with a security check on reality as they depart.