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This is my \”Dad Confession\” for the day.

So I had a moment this morning that should remain private. What happens in the car when you\’re alone should remain in the car. Right! Here I am innocently driving my car to work when I hear the local radio station doing live crosses from the local school. Its cute, they play the school choir and everything seems right with the world. But then in a moment of weakness it happened. I don\’t know what it was, maybe the first few bars of the song, the sweet production or simply a neuron relapse in the left back lower quadrant of my frontal lobe?

Whatever, triggered it I don\’t know, but this morning with only a few hundred metres to go before I would have safely got out of the car I turned up the radio to sing along with One Direction. I have excuses, many of them, but hey, it was the best song ever!!