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Home, a land of mystery, not my birth place but still a heart place. I was born in England, but having spent 25 years of my life growing up in New Zealand through those \’formative\’ years it really is home. I\’m currently catching up with the friends and colleagues at Rhema Broadcasting Group in Auckland. From Sept Dec 1994 to March 1998 I learned and grew during my time as Administration and Personnel Manager while also doing the occasional on-air stint. Hard to believe that 10 years have passed in Australia and no time off for good behaviour 😉

\"image\" The Rhema team has grown and changed over the last 10 years but there is so much that hasn\’t. It is always good to come back to this \’birthplace\’ and remember. I think that\’s why God encourages us to put in place the milestones, those markers along the road that remind us of our growth and His faithfulness. I realised to day that they will be celebrating 10 years this year for their broadcast arms Southern Star (19th October 1997) and Life FM (26th October 1997), WOW!!

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Southern Star is a easy listening station that caters for an older age demographic with as the station\’s catchphrase reiterates; \’Great Music, Good Company and a Message of Hope\’. When it comes to Life FM, its all about a radical youth culture believing in a radical relevant God. Their liner sums up the heart of the station – \’Live it\’.

The Rhema station (New Zealand\’s Rhema) still forms the hub of the broadcast suite, but now there is also a television arm called Shine TV for those broadcasters with a reasonable facial persona to share the good news of life in Jesus. ShineTV is going from strength to strength with a live evening news slot starting this week called NZone. The channel is available via the subscription satellite television services of SKY, New Zealand\’s leading pay TV provider.


Listen or View online at each of the broadcast links above.