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\"pirateslong\" Ever been to the end of the world? What about the the time you fell off the edge of a flat earth or had your world turned upside down by Johnny Depp? Aaah, these are the memories of Pirates of the Caribbean III: At World End. Gore Verbinski has done a superb job directing his third installment and watch out for a musical interlude by this talented director in the credits. Don\’t be fooled into thinking this is a pitiful excuse to make money for Disney out of an old theme-park ride. Oh wait, that\’s exactly what it was. 🙂 OK, I fell for it. But you have to admit that three blockbuster movies later some Disney Exec must be ready to retire or write a book on how to make money out of nothing or it may be better named \’Jack\’s Midas Touch\’! So why did I go and see this popcorn adventure with my two oldest kids, Abbey and Corey? Its all about the Flash Gordon mantra "tune in next week to see if Flash survives",.. being suckered into PotC 1 and 2 I had to find out what happened and more importantly I\’m a Geoffrey Rush fan. Any method actor who can bring a sense of realism, depth of despair and empathy to the screen by taking his clothes off and dancing on a trampoline deserves some attention. \"image\" A lovely little interlude in this movie is the way Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones has been grafted – not forced – \’grafted\’ into this story line. The imagary, the connection with Jack Sparrow\’s mentor or naah see the movie because it was very nicely done. Makes you wanna go get a few hair extenstions with long black locks and beads tied into my tussled beard. Now having always made sure I attend the cheapie theatres, here is another plug for our local Cineplex www.cineplex.com.au who have opened their new cinema centre at Victoria Point in Brisbane. I have now seen two movies in Cinema 7 which has the new digital projector and sound system. It is AMAZING – go and check it out. You can\’t argue with their $7.90 Adult ticket price. Right, enough of the frivolity, some one\’s stolen the \’Black Pearl\’ so watch out for me in the cue at PotC4.