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A Mobile Website is Essential

When you first created your business website you probably were given advice about the size of the average desktop to make sure the design was visually engaging and the text was easily readable. After all who likes reading through pages of small text on a boring page that makes you feel your filling in an IRD tax form. If your website was created anything more than two years ago your site probably needs a tune-up to make it mobile friendly.

Changing Customer Patterns

Keep in mind that the mobile phone you were using 2-3 years ago was unlikely to be anything like the four to five inch hi-res screen smartphones we are moving to today. Many users look up the service or product they need while ‘on the run’. They look up a plumber while waiting for the kids to come out from school or research holiday package prices on their phone or tablet during the ads on their favourite TV show. We don’t run to the desktop the way we used to and for a business to be found they need to be easy to see and easy to navigate on a mobile device.

Responsive or Mobile

As you talk to your web designer they may tell you they’ve made your website ‘responsive’ and that’s a great start. A responsive website means that as the screen size changes at the viewers end the website will try to adjust presentation and layout to suit whether they are on a large screen or small screen laptop or tablet. If you’ve tried resizing your browser screen to test this you will see that a well designed responsive site does half the work and is better than nothing but a full mobile website is really the answer. In fact Google are actually rewarding websites they index if they find they are a mobile website. It means a couple of extra points on the search awards score because Google consider you are contributing to the greater good of the web.

Ensuring you also have a ‘mobile friendly’ or mobile version of your site is an important ingredient in getting your digital strategy to work. Rather than just shrink and reorganise it gives the user a cut down version of the site with the essentials for finding, contacting and viewing key services. It also interacts with your phone so that when you click on the phone number the phone’s phone app starts and when you click on a Google map your phone’s map service starts. If you think of your own experience at not being able to read a site on your mobile. What do you do? Out of frustration you either park the idea for further follow-up or you move on to a readable solution.

Christmas Offer

We now have a special offer for you that will save you creating a new website until you have time for a fresh strategy. This will have your business mobile friendly before Christmas if you act now. We can create a mobile website for you on top of your existing website. Our system works with most current website solutions in the market to create a mobile friendly version over the top of your current website. This can be set-up for $295 (excl. GST) and a monthly service charge that keeps your mobile site in sync with the content on your full website that starts at only $10/month (excl. GST).

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