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\"100_1765_thumb1_thumb\" Today (Tuesday) Ian and Mandy Worby and myself did a wee bit of shopping visiting Singapore\’s largest shopping centre \’VIVO\’. It was a supreme piece of retail therapy thanks to the fluid design of the centre with only a very rare number of parallel corridors and the majority of the public space areas taken up with Dali style curves and Asian comic colour influences. A lovely little incidental I have enjoyed seeing is the \’Emergency Room\’ setups in shopping centres for people to bring their laptops or phones for repair. They have the look of a modern triage\’ and give the impression that waiting in line for your \’Mac\’ or \’Nokia\’ to be repaired should be counted in the list of \’things I did with my life\’. In my Singapore 2007 Picasas album, there is a picture of one of the Mac centres\’ inclusive of \’Green Cross Icon\’. Makes you think about the irony of the PC vs. Mac creative ads as I didn\’t see a PC emergency room. Maybe they go straight to the cemetery. Now to be totally fair to both sides of this, "who can market their technology better than the other person debate" πŸ™‚ You can find the range of "Mac vs. PC" ads here www.apple.com/getamac/ads/ But if you would like to see some funny "PC vs. Mac" ads then try this site www.lauriemcguinness.com \"100_1777\"Last night Ian and Niki Mackie from UCB Europe joined us in China Town. Smith St is the place to go for a fine selection of food. Don\’t forget to tip or help any of the elderly cleaning tables. Especially after you\’ve slipped ya dripper with sweet and sour sauce. I believe the photos in my Picasa album were doctored with Adobe Photoshop cos I can\’t remember having that \’Singapore Sling\’ in my hand. As for the bearded Scotsman on my right, he must have had more than one. πŸ˜‰ We had fun with the taxi ride on the way home. Obviously night-club time is money making time. At first we couldn\’t get anyone to stop even at the tax stand. Then when they did they wanted to do fixed price $20 deal when a typical cab ride anywhere in Singapore is $5 to $8. \"100_1775\"Finally we get a cab for Ian, Niki and myself. At first the driver says $15, Ian says \’No\’ we\’ll do it for $10, he agrees. We all hop in but when I hop in the front he says $12. Must be I\’m the excess baggage! πŸ™‚ Anyway we get to the Hotel, Ian gives him $10 the driver laughs and we\’re all home for the night. Anyway – I must say that Chinatown was a great place for shopping, especially for the ladies. Check out my photo in front of one of the "3 for $10" shops. (HINT: you can click on any of these small photos in the blog for a closer look) Little hint, you can mix and match items in these stores so its any 3 items for $10. You don\’t have to buy 3 of the one thing like that ugly little paper weight you thought \’Uncle John\’ would like. A few fine silk items and jewellery are now on there way home. Onwards and upwards, my flight to Manila leaves in 45min so I\’m off to gate E20.