Facebook on Ice in Luleå, Sweden

Facebook on Ice in Luleå, Sweden

Large Facebook LikeFacebook launched a new data centre in Luleå, Sweden this month. The massive 290,000 sqr ft facility is the first for Facebook outside of the US and has a number of power and environmental efficiencies to cool the complex. Partly this is due to its proximity to the Arctic circle and also because of the low cost of Hydroelectricity in Sweden. Facebook has said that Luleå is one of “the most efficient and sustainable data centres on the planet.”

The project began in October 2011 and came online on 12th June 2013. The impressive facility has been able to reduce backup generators by over 70% because of the efficiency and reliability of the Swedish power supply.

The people of Luleå also entered into the spirit of the impressive build creating a large ‘Like’ icon on the ice with over 2,500 Swedes giving Facebook the thumbs up.

You can visit the Facebook Luleå data centre on their Facebook page of course. Below you can click on the photos from this immense data centre where 1.1 billion lives have found a new way to attain cryo-stasis on ice.




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