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I had a really great night out at the movies with the kids last night. CINEPLEX – the people who own the movie theatres at South Bank, Balmoral and Hawthorne have built a brand new state of the art theatre at Victoria Point in behind the Mobil Service Station. It has 9 theatres and still their excellent family friendly cheap pricing. One of the theatres was set aside for this 3D showing and they have a Gold Class type area called ‘the Lounge’ about to start up soon.

Check out details at www.cineplex.com.au

Well last night we went to see the new ‘Walt Disney’ animation called, “Meet the Robinsons” and went to one of the 3D sessions. It was AMAZING. You know how most of the 3D movies you take the kids to have parts in 3D like the SpyKids movie – OK, "Put on your glasses now". Well the whole movie was in 3D and such great clarity it was superb. BTW – great new seats at this cinema as well so enjoy the comfort factor.

The message behind it was the great message “Fail, Fail often, but keep Failing Forward”. Very well done! The thing to watch for is to see if you can see all the threads. [Possible spoiler ahead] Once you do, then you may want to go and check out if you have any \’goobers\’ in your life.

Really bright colourful and entertaining movie and the kids GOT IT! Go out and enjoy a great kids movie.