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\"bugatti-veyron\" Flying to Melbourne and back on Friday was a joy if only for seeing an edition of the BBC\’s motoring programme TopGear on the Qantas in-flight entertainment. The part of the programme that brought a great sense of awe as well as a couple of laughs thanks to quality British wit was on the review of the world\’s fastest production car, the Bugatti Veyron. This amazing vehicle will not only cost you money in the order of USD$1.3million but at top speed of 407km/hr it can digest a tank of gasoline in 12minutes. The machine has class, glass and a big engine. Before you think about buying one consider where you are going to drive it. On a previous edition of TopGear they raced the Veyron from Italy to London against a light aircraft. Even though the Veyron had to maintain normal road speeds and account for the curves of traffic etc,. it still was the winner. But if you look further in this blog you can see the secret Volvo race track test to see if the claimed 407km/hr top speed is possible. \"bugattiveyron\" Let me explain the context of this land based rocket. Your family car is likely to have four (4) cylinders making up the heart of your petrol combustion engine. The Veyron has sixteen (16). Your home vehicle is cooled by one radiator while the Veyron has ten (10). At top speed, its air intake to the QUAD-turbocharged engine swallows as much air each minute as you would breath in four days to provide that potent mix of explosive power. Its an impressive rocket that contrasts with a sense of irony to Bugatti\’s parent company, Volvo! Wikipedia can give you a little more insight on this amazing vehicle, the Veyron 16.4 If you\’d like some wallpaper of this beast then this is a good starting link. "Read more" by clicking on the link below to see a video clip of the Bugatti in action.

Here\’s a final little bit of fun. I guess I\’ve convinced you of why this is the ideal car for you and now you\’re wondering what colour to pick. Visit Bugatti\’s website for what has to be the best interior and exterior colour configurator on the web. Here\’s the opportunity to dream about your new car.