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When you first start to build your blog you probably have a great dream of what you are wanting to communicate. It reminds me of Kevin Costner in the movie \’Field of Dreams\’. Starting off with a corn field he works the principle \’Build it and they will come\’. Thanks to the beautiful development of the WordPress application most of us can get a great blog up and running, ready to build our dream. Normally your WordPress installation will fall into the category of either a blog account at wordpress.com or through a self-hosted version of WordPress which could be downloaded and installed on your own server. Keep in mind many web hosting services will have an easy install version of WordPress as part of something like \’Fantastico\’ which makes installing web applications as easy as filling in the forms and clicking on install. Now just before you start, keep this little thought in mind; do you want the generic plain brand blog or are you after the \’pimp my blog\’, \’top-o-duh-line\’, Creme de la Creme version. Okay that\’s a little over the top but you get the point. DON\’T settle for second best. To move up in the world you\’re going to need some spice in the recipe. That\’s where \’plugins\’ come into the WordPress world. Many developers are creating free "mini-applications" that allow you to do so much more with your blog including connecting to outside other websites that will draw, or create more dynamic content to enhance your site or push your content to other Internet locations so that you get a little more traffic and kudos from the web community.

Top 20 WordPress Plugins

One of the great articles I caught recently was from Rami on his www.teknobites.com site. Rami has compiled a list of the top 20 \’must have\’ plugins that will take your WordPress installation to stellar level. Take the time to look through the list. You will find not only some of the best plugins but also a number of traffic and income building solutions you may never of thought of. Here\’s the article where you can find some inspiration for yourself. Go Build Your Mega-Dream