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In a world of bloatware, its refreshing to see developers looking to squeeze technology back into a small space. Today I went to make a backup copy of my new edition Microsoft Exchange 2007. First I made the mistake of trying to copy a CD, it was a DVD, next my laptop took ages to copy an image to my hard drive in preparation for the \’burn\’ to DVD. Finally with an image ready it asked for the all important \’blank\’ media. Placing a DVD -R in the drive I prepared for the smooth production of my backup copy,.. uh ah, it wasn\’t to be. I was told my mere 4.3GB blank DVD wouldn\’t handle the 5.8GB of the image. How did an install disk for a program like Exchange blow out to this kind of madness.

Anyway, moving on I am refreshed by the new wave of applications for thumb drives. The lads at XAMP have a 80mb install for a full webserver, database environment and with suites like the critically acclaimed U3 and the new popular PortableApps Suite, there is a great deal of enthuse happening in the market.

On top of that, feel free to check out this little collection I found recently at Snapfiles.

Go the minimalist software developers!