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Alright you know I recommend you run Firefox as your browser. But wait there\’s more. If you want the \’best\’ experience here is my secret family recipe of add-ons.

OK, guys it you want the perfect Firefox install here is my list of recommendations from; https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/ FoxClocks Add world times to your browser. I recommend you change setting in \’Positions and Display\’ to FoxClocks icon ForecastFox Local and international weather in your status bar I get my Brisbane 3day forecast DownThemAll (aka DTA) Great built in mass and high speed downloader Dictionaries English (Australian) Dictionary & British English Dictionary (gives you inline spell checking in things like Gmail) FireFTP Makes a nice FTP program in a browser window Gmail Manager If you want to check Gmail account (or multiple accounts) Gmail Space If you use a Gmail account as an online 2.8GB of storage Map+ If you want to link from an address in your browser to a map ScribeFire If you want online blogging built into your browser (connects to WordPress etc) Skype Download this one for your Vista install. Its an MSI file and designed to give you both the IE and Firefox integration http://www.skype.com/intl/en/download/skype/windows/business.html Stumbleupon For when you’re bored but want to be amazed Tab Mix Plus Saves your tabs as sessions and great recovery of previous browsing sessions. I also have setup certain sessions I want to be able to load at a moments notice of a variety of sites under different session names. Web Developer Great for looking at page source, CSS and other web page info