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Have just been taking time to upgrade my new laptop with my usual suite of software. The changover to Windows Vista Ultimate is so far entertaining, nervously exciting and yet familiar. At least most of my favourite keyboard short-cuts return the results I need to manage my way around. What was disappointing is that on loading Firefox and the Skype, I was missing my favourite Skype extension.

Now someone will need to explain, but so far the Skype extension is not available at the mozilla.com / firefox.com website. At this point it is built into the Skype install. Sadly that went wrong, the extension didn't appear and there was no way to reinstall. Reinstall's failed, reboots were no go and uninstall and reinstall simply wasted coffee time.

However, despite asking Google's advice, the final answer came from the Skype forums. OK, I won't keep you waiting any longer,… If you lose your extension, go to the new Skype Business section and download the MSI version of Skype. This windows installer package allows you to choose both the IE and Firefox install extensions as part of the process. Yahoo, I'm back and connected.