First World Problems

First World Problems


“First World Problems” has become the throw-away line for a number of people when dealing with a 10-second problem in their day. The phrase first world problems is meant to lighten the load on the stuff we ‘deal with’ but it is also demeaning to people in the third world dealing with real issues like lack of water, medicine, clothing and education or being persecuted for their beliefs.

So is there a real issue or are we too soft for the real world? Read through the rest of this post, watch the two videos. Take my First World Problems challenge at the end and tell me your thoughts in the comments area. Ryan Higa (NigaHiga), a YouTube celebrity recently did this tongue-in-cheek look at First World Problems. If you haven’t heard about FWP then this is a good introduction.


First World Problems Reality Check

Most parents will be aware of the dilemma of letting your child play in the dirt or touch other children while playing. If you isolate the child from the problem, they may not catch this week’s bug, but they also may not build up the immunity for next week’s virus. I believe we may be seeing a generation of kids who think the worst thing in the world is losing Wi-Fi at home or a smartphone that won’t charge. As parents, we’ve got to let them deal with it and not run rescue missions for technology.

One thing is sure, in the ‘first world’ we may have the riches of wealth, technology and education yet we still don’t seem to have the mental strength of those living in the ‘third world’. Their ability to face adversity and dig deep through natural disasters and family tragedy are often a lesson to us. Here at home, we have to ask what are the things that we can do without, the crutches that could strengthen our unused muscles both physically and mentally.

Recently a charity raising funds for water ran this First World Problems viral video campaign. Watch the faces of this video and ask yourself whether we know what are the real issues.

If you would like to take action in the real world I would encourage you to visit the links on these buttons to help someone with a real issue that could do with your financial support today. When you visit the site, look at their current needs or sponsor a child and make a difference.

Be a First World Solution to a Third World Problem


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