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How can you be a late starter and still have attracted the millions of users that are a part of Google+? The quiet achiever of social networks is growing and being supported by groups of users who feel their privacy hasn’t been respected. The primary growth of Google+ has come as Google encourages users of its other services like Gmail and YouTube to share their profile, life and Google related media in their own social media network.

One of the primary benefits of the Google+ system is its ‘circles’. The Google circles system allows a user to segment who they are following without the followers knowing how they are categorised. When your social network starts to become too big, a user can simply follow or engage just one of their smaller circles.

Google encourages businesses to be involved with every feature of their service from using their advertising networks to putting business locations on Google maps. While Google+ was developed for the individual it didn’t take too long for Google to introduce Business Pages.

Now as Google encourages users of Gmail, YouTube and services like Picasa to create a Google+ profile they are also rewarding those who connect these profiles in the Google ecosystem. A well thought digital marketing strategy using Google will ensure that your business brand and the staff it represents will appear within search results and the many connections of the Google system.

Google is a very powerful ‘virtual real estate’ company selling you advertising across its ‘virtual landscape’. The smart part of the strategy is in making sure you choose the right ‘location’ for your advertising campaign. It’s important to make sure your campaign fits the ‘location’ so that you don’t have artwork the size of a sheet of paper designed for a roadside billboard that people drive past at 100kph.

Google is a great solution for publishing your brand but make sure its connected to your business plan.

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