Granddad’s Poem

Granddad’s Poem

My Granddads Poem
For Abbey’s boys Jamie and Milli

Hey you two, slow down
Your Granddad can’t keep up
You’ve been quick out of the gate
Faster than lightening,
I looked up and you were gone

Why’s that?

I was looking forward to playing with you
From blowing raspberries on your belly
To soccer tricks in the yard
We’d have some fun with Nana
And her Mars Bar dessert treats in your tum

Listen young Jamie, you’re running ahead
Following Milli, not slowing for breath
You two make a great team
You’re inseparable too
Running together into the blue

I miss you!

Now listen young men
I do wish you’d hung around
Dad, I and your Poppas
Had some great yarns to spin

We wanted you to know
You were born to be legends
Men of honour
Tall as trees

You’d be lovers of life
And champions of justice
Kind in the battle
And proof of God’s mercy

Why did you leave?

You two are so cheeky
Playing hide and seek
I still know where I’ll find you
Safe in our Saviour’s keep

I’m planning to visit someday
Like you, I don’t know when
Till that day, you celebrate
Like happy young men can

I love you young Jamie and Milli
I know that Mum and Dad do too
Don’t you worry about them
Because we’ll love them and care
for them just like you’d want us to

Lotsa Love my Grand kids
Nana and Granddad 


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