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I\’ve got two great teenage kids, Corey & Abbey. They both go to high school together and are finding their way through life. Tonight I heard about a challenge they were facing and it was good to hear that they were watching each other\’s back. They make me so proud. I remember as I grew up I was more interested in my own plans and challenges that I didn\’t think of my two younger brothers as much as I should have. That been said I\’m proud of both my brothers and love catching up with them. Nigel is managing a firm that supplies materials to the kitchen cabinet making industry and Michael is managing a farm on the Hauraki Plains of New Zealand. Nigel is married to Donna with two great kids, Matthew and Mark. Michael is married to Sharlene with the lovely daughters, Melanie and Kristina. I love seeing the awesome way my kids are growing up into their own personality. Each of them demonstrate great skills and enthusiasm in the things they do. My love for my kids means I want them to grown just like me as long as they don\’t grow up anything like me 😉 Its true! You want them to have your strengths without any of your weaknesses. You pray they will share in your interests and loves so that you can talk into the night. The trick is sharing ideas and sharing desires but letting them be their own person. I don\’t want my kids to think the way I think, I just want to know they do think, contemplate, pray and wait for answers. I can\’t way to see what my kids do as they grow into adult hood. They will be amazing!