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Developing a customer base takes many approaches. For the FMCG team its all about volume through the door or ‘bums on seats’. For the non-profit sector it means developing a relationship that takes the constituent through the donor pyramid and for professional services marketing staff it means developing spheres of customer influence for new clients. Whatever your primary focus here are some tips for working in your business ‘garden’ and growing customers.

Listen First

Great marketing starts with our ears not tonsils. The same can be said of great businesses who listen to their customers and develop the service that meets a customer need. ANDRYL believes that using Social Media has reminded us that we should listen before we speak. Now the web is providing us with an increasing number of tools that help us listen to what our customers and the market around us are saying. As we develop your marketing plan we will show you listening tools to change your business.

Converse Second

You’ve been to the party of a friend. You’ve possibly had the sales training. In each of these situations you learned how to listen to the conversation so you could mirror the social environment and speak the right language. Now that you’ve had some time listening to your customers especially in a Social Networking environment you will have an idea how the conversation should take place. Now you are in a better position to answer sales questions, deal with complaints or explain a product to a customer.

Nurture Third

We spoke about creating a Resistance movement made up of customers who became your fans and advocates. They now refer your business to their friends and connections. Customers who value their relationship with a business are an asset but they need two things to continue the status of ‘loyal fan’. Make sure they have clear recognition by regular and personalised communication as part of your marketing strategy and finally give them the resources that help them spread the word in style.

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