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\"hope_foundation\"\"top_sidebar_pic\"I want to tell you about a friend of mine. Brownen Healy is a lady on a mission. Out of her own testimony of hopelessness you can find an amazing story of someone who is living \’life after death\’. I have constantly been encouraged by the work of the Hope Foundation which Bronwen started.

If you ever have an opportunity to speak to or listen to Bronwen Healy you will come away inspired and challenged. Bronwen has now appeared around the world to church and school groups, business functions and to government bodies telling the story of how she found an answer at the end of the rope of despair.

In reading Bronwen\’s book "Trophy of Grace" you will find hope beyond today as a young woman who paid the price of wrong decisions and came out of a vacuum of depression to face a bright tomorrow. Her story of drugs and prostitution in the midst of a downward spiralling life has spoken to many about the fact that when life seems at its darkest dawn is just around the corner.

Check out their freshly launched website at www.hopefoundation.org.au and be inspired by this new video. I encourage you to click on the share links on the video at the end in order to copy the video URL (web address) and email it to your friends. Then check out the Bronwen Healy interview made possible by \’Choices TV\’ Garden City Christian Church, and Invision Media.