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Hospitality is a key ingredient in the success of any business. A good friend of mine made sure that his organisation exuded generosity in every aspect of their business. Not only did this quality result in good customer service but it also endeared itself to the friends and clients of the organisation. That kind of ‘hallmark’ is a character trait worth talking about and pursuing.

Tonight I experienced the hospitality of the Howick Rotary Club. Thanks to an invitation from Dave Wylie I was the guest speaker hoping to ‘Demystify Social Media’. From the moment I walked in to the Howick Bowling Club where the evening was to be held, a set of friendly hands introduced me to some great members.

A big thank you to President, Colin Monk for the hospitality as well as Allan who introduced me and Max who kept everyone in order as well as making sure my name was right by the end of the night. Thank you Andre for the keeping me wired up. I was grateful for the encouragement from Steve, David and Clive as well as many others who came up after the event.

Our evening was a great opportunity to talk about how Social Media is affecting our lives both personally and in business. The Q&A time at the end of the night covered some great topics from privacy matters through to how we manage our day with Social Media tools to avoid overload. A big thank you to everyone who participated in this new venture to introduce our baby business to our local community.

Visit the Howick Rotary Club online: www.howickrotary.org.nz