How to have an intentional day off

It began with good intentions 8th of January, can you believe a week of 2020 has passed already, and still, yes still, I am planning the plan. To be fair it’s not that bad. Dust has been flying both in the real world and digitally. I’ve had some Marie Kondo “Joy” moments that The Minimalists, […]

7 Secrets my clients learned last year

As Director of Engagement at Excite Media I have one of the best roles in the world. Every week I have the privilege to sit down with hard working business owners, managers and entrepreneurs. Some have created their empire, others have bought into a great idea and the there are those brave souls who have […]

Get an ‘A’ on your Business Report

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. So any wisdom on the side of sanity means that when you venture into a new marketing strategy you want it to show up on your Business Report. Striding into the arena of social media should also generate a […]

Who’s Your Dragon?

Every great story starts with the Damsel in distress because of a Dragon on the loose. Your brand also has a story that is unique and we want to help you tell it. The first part of creating a marketing strategy that includes a brand story is deciding who are your customers. Defining your customer […]

Develop a Culture of Change

Stagnation is a disease for business. If you asked your staff would they tell you your business has a culture of change ready for the future? There is not doubt that many business can easily recognise a growth cycle that starts with an idea, quickly becomes growth and then absorbs the impact by settling. With […]

Listen First then Wait in Social Media

One of the hardest lessons for any early user of social media is to listen. We’re so trained to provide rapid-fire messages that are designed to keep the consumer fixated on our brand that we forget to listen to what the market wants. Take a deep breath and listen first then wait. In Social Media, […]

Growing Customers in your Business Garden

Developing a customer base takes many approaches. For the FMCG team its all about volume through the door or ‘bums on seats’. For the non-profit sector it means developing a relationship that takes the constituent through the donor pyramid and for professional services marketing staff it means developing spheres of customer influence for new clients. […]

Can LinkedIn Connect my Business

While many business operators focus their time on the business and see ‘playing’ on social media as a waste of time, they have still recognised the value in nurturing their business networks. So the question is often asked after receiving email invite after invite; Can LinkedIn Connect my Business? As the medium for communication becomes […]

Social Media Transparency

Across the world’s business community there have been a number of marketing mistakes that can all lead back to one word; “Transparency”. Social Media Transparency is a vital skill for business owners to acquire and understand. With the internet’s viral ability to share good and bad information at high speed, customers have become more demanding […]

Take your Website to Boot Camp

What was once a luxury is now considered a basic business necessity by many business owners. Even home office workers are becoming ‘Virtual Assistants’ with a website as their online office. It doesn’t matter whether we’re looking for solicitors, painters or a cheap deal on a fridge, most of us research our options online before […]