Business Fairy Tales

Have you been brave enough to put your business under the microscope lately? If not you may have fallen asleep reading your own business fairy tales. When you start off either creating a business or in new ownership you feel you’re being honest with yourself as you try new ideas and give yourself grace to […]

Facebook Friends in the Business Playground

Is Facebook the place to play for a business and can your business make Friends in the Facebook Playground? Many business owners see Facebook as a distraction and lose sight of the fact that their consumer base is actively communicating about life and brands in this social media space. By intent or social osmosis, the […]

The Twitter Effect

Just when you thought Twitter was the noise young giggling girls made or the chatter of sparrows at 6 am we discover it’s a social network. Twitter is known as a micro-blogging system. With 140-character ‘tweets’ information on sports and financial news, results are being distributed, company help desks are being run, and consumers are […]

The Flag, The Spy and The Resistance

If your business is due for a marketing review, or you don’t have a marketing plan then the story of The Flag, The Spy and The Resistance might be the framework you’re looking for. Some business owners know they need to advertise but don’t have the time or inclination. When the salesperson calls with a […]

Joining the Social Media Conversation

Social Media has become a modern day phenomenon with brands like Facebook and Twitter having a global impact on everything from Business sales to the turn-over of Governments. These are the names of a new form of communication that allows people around the world to share their lives through the online experience of a Social […]

Social Media for Business

I am pleased to offer you and your staff, an eBook to download for FREE. Our FREE eBook, ‘Social Media for Business’ will give your team a heads-up on Social Media. Keeping on top of your business plan and marketing strategy takes focus and at the same time, it needs Daniel Carter-like peripheral vision to […]

Leaving your Digital STAMP

Eric Qualman, the writer of Socialnomics, is a great living example of keeping your personal brand true amongst the noise of success. Recently at a TEDx talk in Nashville Eric gave a talk on ‘My Digital Stamp’. It alludes to looking at the digital footprints you’re leaving over the carpet of your business, client relationship […]

Facebook on Ice in Luleå, Sweden

Facebook launched a new data centre in Luleå, Sweden this month. The massive 290,000 sqr ft facility is the first for Facebook outside of the US and has a number of power and environmental efficiencies to cool the complex. Partly this is due to its proximity to the Arctic circle and also because of the […]

Business Baby Steps

Starting a new business can involve having a child like look at the world and wobbling along for the first few steps. Awe and wonder are beautiful attributes that may have got lost in your previous roles. As you step out into a new venture be sensitive to enjoy the freshness of what you’re experiencing. […]

Simple Menus

Anyone who has watched Chef Gordon Ramsey walk into a struggling restaurant will see that one of his standard ‘tricks of trade’ is to simplify the menu. He outlines the reasons very quickly. The customer doesn’t want to know how many things you can cook they want to know what is your recommendation today. The […]