And on the “fifth day,” he multiplied

New Day for 4-Day Workweek

2019 marked the end at Excite Media of an institution that has been around in society for over a 100 years. For many years the six-day workweek was the norm with Sundays for attending church being the only respite from a life of hard work grind. Back in 1908 a cotton mill in New England, […]

Reset42 Podcast Goes Live

Imagine having a dream for more than ten years and wondering what it might look like when its finally birthed. That give you a taste for the journey I have been on as I took late-night notes, scribbled ideas and recorded the occasional brain spasms of driving or showering thoughts. For a long time, a […]

What becomes of a Reset Life?

This is the question I am on a journey to answer. As I have mentioned to many friends and family, I have become convinced that we aren’t prepared for “the wall”. We are brought up from birth to crawl, walk and run without a sense of how to deal with life’s full stops. Even in […]