Our world’s dwindling supply of Mentors

Unemployed Mentors

Don’t be surprised, but our sense of independence could lead to the ‘death knell’ on society as you know it.  We retreat to separate bedrooms for separate binge sessions of streaming TV services. Our joy can be found in the quiet of our solitude and our day or week is sometimes carved into slices of […]

Grace under Mire

Although grace can be slow to move from budding to reaching maturity and tediously pedantic to find its fullest potential, the result is never lost, never wanes, always sits and thankfully keeps on giving.

Face the Fear

At the moment I’m having to look myself in the mirror with more focus. We sometimes glance at the face we’ve come to know and because we see it everyday we don’t stop to see or ask how we’re really doing.

Tolkien Movie: Life is brutal, love seems futile, yet Fellowship abounds

You don’t need to see Tolkien to know that life is a battlefield. But to experience life through J. R. R. Tolkien’s eyes, is to understand the quest, the journey and the ascent. If your day starts by shaking the hands of dragons when you would prefer to dance with damsels; if your life lacks […]

The Discipline of Intentionality

Days like today are far from the business decisions of Monday morning. It’s a sunny Sunday morning and my role for the day, being chauffeur to my son and his girlfriend on their one year anniversary. Like all decisions of life, how we approach our day comes down to attitude, to our intentions. I am discovering how powerful the discipline of intentionality can be.

What do you want to see in your selfie?

Do you enjoy having your photo taken? How often are you placed in that awkward situation where someone utters the word that sends shivers through your cute little dimples? “SMILE”! I know that I’ve found the solution. Run to the other side of the camera and become the shutterbug. It takes away the angst and […]

Nelson Mandela’s Fork in the Road

It’s noon on the 6th of December 2013 (New Zealand time) and I’ve just heard that Nelson Mandela has passed away at the age of 95. I turn to my friend in our office and we talk about the calibre of the life lived and the life given that has impacted not just a country […]

Resurrection Year – Sheridan & Merryn Voysey

The story of Sheridan and Merryn Voysey’s journey towards a Resurrection Year is deeply moving, personal and full of grating anguish. While I had a hint of knowing what was in store, it can’t prepare you for the way in which Sheridan rolls out years of stumbling steps towards a broken dream.

Poem: God’s Own Country

Give me, give me God’s own country! there to live and there to die, God’s own country! fairest region resting ‘neath the southern sky, God’s own country! framed by Nature in her grandest, noblest mould; Land of peace and land of plenty, land of wool and corn and gold!

God’s Own Country – 100% New Zealand

New Zealand has always been God’s Own Country and its a title many would fear to compete for. While Aussie has a reef and the Yanks some hole in the ground they call a canyon, the Poms may have a Lake District and the Europeans rave about their mountains.