Be Determined to Surprise

Nicholas Selby should have a part in the remake of “Revenge of the Nerds” the Georgia Tech – Freshman Convocation to excellence in engineering was an epic welcome speech. The viral video of the young man giving the welcome speech to future engineers at Georgia Tech is creating a storm. From those who wonder if […]

Parenting Digital Natives

I’m pleased to offer you and your friends an eBook for families to download for FREE. I created this FREE eBook, ‘Parenting Digital Natives’ to give you some sense of everything from Facebook to Gaming. We realise the hard work that parents and grandparents put into their families to raise the next generation. Rewind the […]

What would Moses and Gutenberg Think?

Back in 2006 Bobby Gruenewald, a Pastor in the US, thought of the idea of an app for the Bible while walking through a security line at the airport. It wasn’t quite the epiphany in the shower environment but this concept has grown from its initial launch as an iPhone Bible app designed by a […]