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What a day. It started off with (of course) a great breakfast. I\’m starting to love the way you can have these omelette\’s made to measure. I have to say that jalapenos in an omelette of capsicum, onion, olives and ham is just gooooood! As I recovered from my omelette and coffee it was time to be saying good-bye to the UCB International directors and their wives as they were about to set off to Boracay Island for both a retreat and an International Board meeting. \"100_2059\"From here it was off to church. Firstly I asked the host of our conference Chuck Quinley for a recommendation. After having previously doing some research about Newsboys leader, Peter Furler I had found out information about both the \’Every Nation\’ movement he is involved with and their Philippine group \’Victory\’. Having heard good reports about the local \’Victory\’ church as well as from Chuck it was off in the taxi for the \"100_2064\"10am service. They are in the Fort area across from Market Market . Uh Oh, on arrival I find the church services is for 11am so off for a coffee at the nearby Market Market before coming back for the 11am service. This was the local Victory Fort Bonifacio congregation just across the road from Market Market. It was a great experience. An usher called Joy made me feel at home and the Pastor, Joey Bonifacio gave a stirring message on Fatherhood as it was \’Fathers Day\’ in the Philippines (following the American celebration date). Every now and then Joey would launch into a little Taglish (local speak) but the lady next to me would \’fill in the gaps\’ on my understanding. I believe the message will soon be available for download on the local church website at http://fort.victory.org.ph Please get it! If I see the link appear I\’ll post it here. (27/6/07 The team at Fort Victory just emailed me the link for you to download the MP3 or listen online to this great message. Click HERE

\"100_2067\"My only concern with heading for church was the continued presence of security guards. I asked one of the guards and found that there were 15 guards on duty at this church. To be fair the guys fulfill multiple roles. They are always friendly, direct traffic which is a major component of getting order out of chaos and they do patrol both the inside and outside parking areas to give comfort to those fellowshipping inside. You will see other photos of the Security team at my Picasa photo site with link on the right hand side menu. But here is a lovely photo I had before church with the security guards of the car park of \’Market Market\’. I had asked to take their photo which they obliged. Then they invited me to \’jump-on\’ and they would take a photo. Gotta love these spur of the moment time eh! \"100_2102\"After church I went back across the road to Market Market for a while and had a challenging time shopping for the family. Its always fun trying to find creative gifts and things that you wouldn\’t necessarily find or buy back home. Now because of the top secret nature of my shopping expedition I can\’t reveal what I bought but I can show you some of the sales team that helped me out during my travels today. Below is Ann and Jack and on the right is Jecel and Myna. Talking and working with both of these guys was a lot of fun. We got through a few \"100_2100\"difficulties with our accents and they were willing to have a laugh and were incredibly helpful. They have all been invited to contact us in Australia if they ever want to come over so I hope they call first otherwise we\’re going to have to buy a hotel with the amount of invitations I gave out today. Today was finished off with a taxi ride back to the Glorietta mall which is a block from our Hotel. From here I was able to go and see the new Fantastic Four movie for only 130pesos (about AUD$4) and have a mango and caramel sundae for 28pesos. My upshot on the Fantastic Four and the Rise of the Silver Surfer,… GREAT but too short. What happens next??? Try and pick the voice of the Silver Surfer without looking it up. It ain\’t James Earl Jones but ya coulda been forgiven for thinking Darth Vader had lost some weight 🙂