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\"image\"This is the one I was waiting for. I tried the Bible web-apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch (which I use) and it just wasn\’t the same as my favourite Bible reader from my friends at Olivetree. I\’ve been using their software for sometime on my Windows Mobile (formerly Pocket PC) devices.

The beauty and attraction of the Olivetree software for me has always been their approach to distribution. They provide their base software reader with a number of (150+) of free library resources and Bibles to get you started.

Not only can you beautifully read your Bible on your mobile device of choice from the over 100 mobile versions of the software but additionally you can download ebooks for the software like John Piper\’s "A Hunger for God". 

\"image\"I encourage you to try the software and enjoy the benefits of having God\’s word as your most used app on your PDA or mobile phone. I find that now the ability to bookmark verses at high speed during Sunday morning services is a great way to \’keep up\’. The other night I was able to pull out my phone and show friends the great challenge of reading Matthew 24 v 23-28 using the quick three touch verse finder system.  

One of the missing aspects that Olivetree are having to work with Apple on is that you can buy books from their library and then download them into your PDA or Phone. However as this app has to be installed through iTunes there currently doesn\’t appear to be a way for past users to get their hands on their past library purchases. Olivetree tell us they\’re working on that one and hopefully they get good support from the team at Apple because I have some purchased Bible versions and books I want to install 🙂

Now don\’t feel you have to stand still on this one. The first release of the software has a few missing features from the standard Windows Mobile version but they\’re coming and quickly. I\’ve checked online and the feature list will be growing with options like;

  • Greek and Hebrew Bible translations
  • Lexicons, reference works, and fonts
  • There will be more commentaries, study tools, and Christian eBooks Olive Tree plans to release over 500 titles for iPhone
  • Phrase Search
  • Bookmarks
  • Auto-Scrolling
  • Hyperlinked Table of Contents for eBooks
  • Personal Notes
  • Support for Images
  • Highlighting
  • Split-Screen, to view multiple documents at once
  • Notes and Cross-References

\"image\"If you haven\’t picked up already, I\’m recommending you visit Olivetree and download a version of the software. It doesn\’t matter if you don\’t have an iPhone get the version for your Motorola, Nokia or other phone and take the Word with you.

Thanks Olivetree!