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\"ChuckHere\’s a few thoughts on the celebratory close of the UCB regional conference held in Manila. The event was hosted by UCB-IFA (Initiative for Asia) and for a start we thank both Chuck and Sherry Quinley and Ron and Joyce Titular who made the event such a success through their incredible energy, ideas and a great support team. The event held in the Asian Institute of Management building in Makati City attracted around 200 delegates from July 14th to 16th. The vibe was probably the underlying element that contributed to this event being a great source of inspiration for many delegates. Whether members of UCB, our International media partners or the local people of the Philippines, everyone came away with a renewed sense of call. Here in this photo, Chuck Quinely who heads up UCB-IFA, celebrates with the graduates of this \’Redeem the Airwaves 2\’ conference. The opening night challenge from Pstr Jimmy Oentoro to \’get out of the boat\’ set the tone for many conference delegates who then used the following to days to seek and confirm God\’s direction for their life. This challenge culminated in a graduation ceremony which emptied the conference room floor to fill a stage of passionate media movers. From the audience were those interested in radio both terrestrial FM and internet based, others wanting to turn the music world upside down as well as script writers, TV and Film prospects and a range of people who simply wanted to volunteer for the Gospel. A time of worship and prayer at the conference graduation allowed the UCB International guests to pray for many of the young delegates. There weeping heart for the gospel was a touching reminder of why we seek to make the name of Jesus known. For the UCB International speakers who attended, the event was not only challenging at a personal level but also rewarding as fellowship and encouragement from fellow broadcasters always helps iron sharpen iron and spur one another on. Additionally the heart of the people of the Philippines has been an inspiration. Many International delegates were touched by the servant heart of the people, the deep desire to please and the work ethic that has been shown in the conference preparation as well as the development of \’The Edge\’ radio stations. \"Circle\'sThe conference team celebrated the event with a dinner at the Circle\’s Event restaurant in the Shangri La Hotel in Makati City. The incredible international selection of fare was a fitting end to the event and enabled friends to catch up and swap conference stories from the previous two days. The restaurant has to be recommended as a \’must stop\’ for all visitors to Manila. The selection from the buffet is extensive reaching over eight kitchen and food display areas from seafood catches of the highest calibre to desserts of creative finesse. For groups the closed areas with sound proof glass doors allows for inclusion with the \"Merest of the restaurant atmosphere while providing for privacy of conversation and celebration. I took the opportunity to take a video tour through the selection which is available on request. Sadly the smell and taste are not to be found on film (yet). Here I had my photo taken with two of the staff dressed in Turkish attire. You can see to the bottom left corner the real Turkish coffee that was being heated on an open flame and being made available to the restaurant patrons. The attention to detail, the pleasant; no cancel that, incredibly friendly staff the entire dining experience a pleasure. Thank you to all of the Shangri La\’s "Circle Restaurant" staff. We were well looked after in every way!