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\"image\"Mark Driscoll has been spending the last month in Australia holidaying with his family on the back of a very busy period of international travel that saw him on extended speaking engagements in England and then in Australia.

Here is a taste of the meeting that was held last Wednesday the 27th August in at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. The evening was called \”Burn your Plastic Jesus\” and came on the back of the Katoomba Convention\’s Engage conference which this year had Mark Driscoll and D. A. Carson speaking.

When a public opportunity was presented for anyone to attend a one night evening with Mark Driscoll the Burn Your Plastic Jesus meeting quickly outsold the KCC conference centres\’s facility and had to be moved to the Sydney Entertainment centre. Here Mark spoke to 10,000 courtesy of the team at KCC and Sydney Anglicans.

I attended the day time and night time sessions in Brisbane. An MP3 from the evening is now available at www.300menfoejesus.com I\’ll come back to you with some additional thoughts from the inspirational day with Mark shortly.