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\’Party all night long\’ would have been the mandate for tonight\’s escapade at the Market Market mall. Local artists and bands like ACEL, JERICHO ROSALES and the hit act of the KITCHE NADAL all played to a packed central stage are with the audience spread over five floors. \"marketmarket\" The connection with the local people through this concert must be immense for the EDGE Radio team. Many of us were impacted by the fact that they had strong sponsorship from local commercial groups like McDonalds and the mall Management. You will see from the photos uploaded to Picasa that they have done a great job on the branding with the stage banner having been in place for some time promoting the free concert event. Kudos to the team for the organisation and flow. Hats off to \’Air Jordan\’ – Jordan is one of the Announcers on the EDGE and a seasoned mic man. I call him \’Air Jordan\’ for two reasons, he loves using his big American jock voice with a love for brands and basketball. Add to that this guy must have lungs of steel to hold the \’air\’ he uses to just keep talkin\’ and talkin\’ and talkin\’. He held the show together tonight and handled every twist and turn with style. Go Jordan! Thanks to the \’fabulous Quinley family\’ for letting me stay out late past bedtime. Not only did I have a great time out listening to the final acts including Kitche Nadal but the family were an awesome inspiration. OK enough of the sucking up, this little paragraph should pay for the Krispy Kremes – oh they were soooo goooood! Oh and about that video – watch for another post up next.