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I just caught hold of this initiative coming up for the 5th August and thought it was worth dropping into your lap for you to think about. Media speaks and because of this it has an opinion. Sometimes its the voice of the presenter, the agenda of the organisation or the heart of the writer but it will always have ‘a’ voice. What we can lose sight of are the people, the individuals who make up ‘the’ media.

When it comes to mass media we would be right to say that a lot is driven by profit margins. Many are businesses who are accountable to shareholders. That being said we are the audience who choose and so the media folk are always trying to keep one step ahead of our life and aspirations so they can meet us in our space. They are trying to understand us as much as we try to ‘get’ them.

Whether you think of media as the person in front of camera, the voice on the radio dial or the journalist behind the article, for a moment think about their life and pray for them. They live real lives with challenges in the same areas as you. We may think they’re “rich and famous” but take away the echelon of celebrity rich and all media people deal with the same things as you when it comes to family, health, career, children.

Get your church behind Media Prayer Day 2012 and connect!

Some great ideas including this video are on the website www.mediaprayerday.com